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Marketing strategy

Generating the right kind of buzz

It's all about telling your best story.

Marketing can be treated as a vague concept sometimes. As a business owner, you know it's important, but why? What is marketing anyway? 

When you boil things down, marketing is a simple concept. It's more than just your logo, business card, website or social media presence. It's more than your SEO or Adwords. 

Marketing is all about crafting your most captivating story, then figuring out how to get that story to your perfect customer - the kind that loves and values you!

It's a simple concept, but simple doesn't always mean easy. There's a lot that goes into this story that you are putting out into the world! 

A strong marketing campaign is an evolving creature - a cross section of flawless design, visual storytelling, strategic thinking, skilled wordsmithing, a keen understanding of human behavior, and a desire to connect with others. 

That's a lot for a hustling business owner to handle! 

That's where I come in!

When you take me on board, you get a caring expert who loves to utilize her creative skills to help business owners craft their unique brand voice and shout it out to the world!

With a marketing degree and several years of international experience under my belt, I am ready to help you zero in on your amazing story and boost your brand!

You can learn more about my marketing strategy services by scrolling down below!


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Marketing Audit + Strategy Development

Your perfect audience is out there. I will help you create your most captivating story and figure out how to get that story to your ideal customers! 

I can work with an existing marketing framework or start from scratch! 

Pricing will vary by project, so please fill out a Free Consultation form to get things started!

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Social Media 

Social media might be an irrevocable part of today's marketing ecosystem, but that doesn't mean it should feel intimidating, overwhelming, or reserved only for Millenials! When used properly, social media channels are the perfect conduits for communicating the pure, unadulterated authenticity of your brand to your perfect customers! 

I offer a few services to help navigate social media marketing.

The pricing for each of these services varies by project, so you can fill out a Free Consultation Form to get things started!

Spark Package

  • Social Media Guide with tips on how to post your own content
  • Includes: Photo Ideas, Photo editing advice, Guidelines for written content and brand voice (e.g. captions), Social media post formatting guidelines, Hashtag Bank

Social Media Setup + Retainer

  • I work with you to develop a custom social media campaign tailored to your brand
  • I set you up on the relevant social media channels for your brand and walk you through the process
  • I can either work with existing content (i.e. photos) or create content from scratch
  • After the initial social media setup, I can be reserved on a retainer basis per month