Nice to meet you!

I'm Danica, and I'm a marketing strategist in love with people, stories, culture, and the journey!

Connecting authentically with others has always been my passion. Growing up as an Air Force brat, moving a lot, I was exposed to a lot of different people and viewpoints from a young age. I am also a child of two cultures, having been born in the Philippines to two filipino parents but being raised almost entirely in the states. These experiences helped me develop my most treasured skill - empathy.

After graduating college, I moved to the south of France and lived there for over 5 years, where I learned even more about the human condition and the invisible ties that connect us all. For example, it amazed me how billionaire businessmen living in their French apartment could have, at their core, the same dreams and insecurities as the suburban dads I met while growing up in the US.

Drawing from my experiences, I believe that marketing is inherently human and is a good opportunity to make meaningful connections with others. Markets are saturated and people are tired of companies putting on too much of a show to try and get sales. The old tactics don't work anymore - people are now choosing their brands based on the strength of the emotional connection they have with it. 

I love being able to empower companies and help them discover that special something that will make them stand out even in an environment where there are thousands of other competitors. Every company has one.

Connection, rather than manipulation, is key to this new era of marketing - and I'm thrilled to help lead the way!

Fun Facts


I am a military brat - Air Force to be exact. I moved a lot as a kid, which I didn't always appreciate at the time, but I *really* appreciate it now because it taught me a lot about empathy and understanding other people.

I adore tea, especially jasmine, oolong, chai, and matcha.

I also adore Red Vines with something close to obsession. Twizzler fans beware!

Three hashtags that describe me? #liveauthentic #exhaleBS #goodvibes

I've been to 15 countries, hopefully more in the future!

I used to be petrified by the vastness of the ocean, but now I'm a certified scuba diver with close to 100 dives - proof that facing your fears can lead to great things!